Wooden Records: A pair of 7 inch records made of custom pressed mahogany veneer (with an oak burl inlay) cut to allow play on a record player. The absence of song means the only playback is the scratch of the wood's grain. 2012, Providence, RI.

The Monstrosity: A fretless three stringed instrument, with the scale length of a bass guitar. Designed exclusively for playing slow metal. Made of white oak and steel that was reclaimed from an old piano. Designed and built in collaboration with Adam Straus. 2018, Boston, MA.

Pipes: A series of tobacco pipes, the first made of an oak burl. The second made of white oak and a reclaimed ebony piano key. The third, curly maple and reclaimed ebony piano key. Ongoing Series, Providence, RI.

Dovecote: A dovecote or pigeon loft, for my yard. Ongoing, Boston, MA.

Esther's Guitar: A fretless guitar-type instrument I made as a birthday gift for my friend Esther. 2015, Wellington, NZ.

Crates: A series of small crates made with walnut and white oak, with joints reinforced with lumber strapping. Ongoing series, Providence, RI & Waltham, MA

Bowls: A small collection of some of the bowls I've made. The burls used were harvested by myself from a tree that my childhood swing was suspended from. Ongoing series, Providence, RI.