A Cup for Micro Gravity: Due to how liquids float if uncontained in microgravity, astronauts are restricted to drinking from bags. We designed a cup that is lined with groves to contain the liquid using capillary action. The groves spiral to maximize available surface for the liquid, the cone in the center contributes additional surface area. Designed during collaboration with NASA. 2013, Providence, RI.

Microgravity Repair Facility: Concepts for reapir facility modules based on the dimensions of the International Space Station, designed in coöperation with NASA for possible use in future deep space missions. Incorporates a 3D printer, CNC mill, tool storage, work surfaces and extraction. 2013, Providence, RI.

Gameboy Pocket Rendering: Practice renderings of the case of a Nintendo Gameboy Pocket. 2012, Providence, RI