Victorian-Brutalist chair: In response to accusations of being too conservative, I constructed this chair in an attempt to contrast rationalism and adornment. Concrete (with a foam core), upholstery and a raw rebar backrest. 2013, Providence, RI.

Brazed Steel Tube Chair: A chair made of mitered, straight steel tubing, with brazed joints and custom laminated bent baltic birch plywood. 2013, Providence, RI.

Work for Duncan Sargent: A selection of pieces that I made, but were designed by Duncan Sargent. 2015-2016, Wellington, NZ.

Coffee Table 001: Walnut top with white oak butterflies, and bent steel tubing legs. 15" x 20" by 36". 2013, Providence, RI.

Cleat Handles: Cast iron cleats to be used as handles on boxes, as well as drawers, doors and other furniture. Inexpensive to produce, comfortable in the hand, and can be use to lash things into crates for transit, to lash the crate to a bicycle rack, or to attach a rope handle. 2014, Providence, RI.

Yankee Swap Trunk: White oak with wana lid, bronze and brass hardware and synthetic line. 2014, Vineyard Haven, MA.

Little Owen's Trunk: Built as a gift for a friend's newborn child. To be used as a diaper chest in infancy, a toy chest in childhood and a blanket chest in old age. 2016, Boston, MA.

Workbench Restoration: An antique workbench, salvaged from an aeronautical technical school. Taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled with new, custom machined hardware. Made flush without damaging patina. 2016, New York, NY.

Multi-use Surfaces: Modular surfaces for small living environments, can be used individually as stools or combined to make coffee tables or shelves. Made from reclaimed teak and steel tube. 2012, London, UK.

Pyrite Lamp: A lamp made to resemble the organic growths of pyrite, paper and basswood. 2010, Providence, RI.

Tiny Pater Megalith: A lamp made of thousands of layers of laminated paper, machined into a cube, an aperture was then carved by hand, to create an organic vs machined dichotomy. 2012, Providence, RI.

Handrail: Handrail for the grandparents' bedroom. 2017, Boston, MA.